Analyzing Rhetorical ASPECTS

Here we are — nearing the end of summer.

For this year, I’m going to use a new acronym in my class: ASPECTS. While I’d love to give some credit, I’m not actually who to credit as it came up as an “I heard about… from this one girl online…” . And I wasn’t sure what all elements meant for the original idea, but the point was intentionality of teaching EXIGENCE (Thanks, Bob Kuhn), so I know what the E has to me. From there, I considered important elements from other acronyms like “SOAPSTONE” and “SPACE CAT” (which is funny on a whole new level), but I wanted something that would work in many places and fit into a nice sentence frame.

All that said, I bring you ASPECTS, the method I’m using in my AP class to teach all things rhetorical.

Lesson Intention: Through the study of ASPECTS, I will be able to analyze a passage to evaluate its effectiveness.

Success Criteria:

  • I can explain the point of using the ASPECTS acronym.
  • I can describe all parts of ASPECTS.
    • I understand what exigence is and WHY it matters.

Next steps:

  • I can identify each element in any given text.
  • I can apply ASPECTS to evaluate the effectiveness of a text.

In case you are interested, I wanted to share this lesson with you. I am planning to teach it during the first week and then reiterate it with each text. If you see any errors, let me know. If you have any ideas to strengthen it, let me know.

If you have a Nearpod account, you can download the presentation to your Nearpod library here: .  To preview it, you can click here:

For my purposes, students will view the lesson live with me in control, but I launched it in self-paced mode for you to see here: I also tend to launch a self-paced version after class for students who were absent or those who wanted an extra view. (FYI, the game activity does not work in self-paced mode.)

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