With a total of nine years teaching, I have spent the last two years as a Master Teacher under TAP. The majority of my time in education has been located in the urban environment, and many of my files will reveal this. While I have taught English 6-9 and 11, I currently teach English III.

My teaching style is varied between direct instruction and cooperative learning based on the needs of the skill at hand. I find students learn best when presented information and allowed time for processing and practicing information. I lean toward concept attainment and hold students to a high academic standard.

I am now involved directly with student learners and adult learners as an Instructional Coach to assist teachers in all content areas to develop instruction based on research proven techniques and best practices. Additionally, I have presented at multiple conferences including NCTE, Tennessee Title I, and served under private hiring for specific districts across the southeast.

For extra ideas and resources for enhancing your instructional delivery of both state and Common Core, follow my blog. It is my hope this blog will help track my own professional development and actions steps toward increased student achievement as well as helping you in your classroom. Please leave comments, questions, and ideas for me and I promise to check weekly.

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