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Why this blog?

So why this blog? What is the purpose? Who is it intended for?
This blog is intended to track the journey of instructional delivery of the Tennessee State English I curriculum in an attempt to meet Common Core standards ahead of the curve AND structure said delivery in terms of Marzano’s best practices. If you choose to follow, you will find valuable resources and ideas for use in your classroom as well.
As an Instructional Coach, I have had the personal experience of seeing teachers struggle to find adequate resources for reaching all students where they are. Education in the state of Tennessee – and the country as a whole – is going through major changes.
Across the country, teachers are deciding whether to stay in education and help our future leaders or make a sudden career change citing intense work hours, low pay, lack of support (parental and administrative), and an intense evaluation system in which teacher pay is linked to student achievement tests. Let’s face it: teaching is a profession.
But all great teachers know that teaching is all about the students. So what about them? Students everywhere are learning that while they are top in their classes in town, they struggle to stay among “average” in college. How can I say this? Eight years, five schools, and two states. Personal testimony of friends and family. And before then, I was one of those students who did not struggle in high school but had to spend hours studying in college (and even with tutoring to survive through the math requirements of my liberal arts alma mater).
Alas, the blogging begins. Questions? Ask away.

Grab them where they are and push them to where we want them to be.

This educational blog will focus on the methods and techniques used during instructional delivery of the pilot year of implementation of Common Core ELA standards.  Follow our journey to academic success as we attempt to close the achievement gap.

Grab them where…